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With over 35 years experience in leasing, we get great outcomes working for both landlords and tenants. You can be confident we’ll get a great outcome for you.


We prepare strong leases for commercial, industrial and retail premises that protect your legal rights and your property.

We currently handle all leasing matters for many large and small shopping centres throughout Queensland.

Our leases:

  • are easy to understand –  so everyone knows their rights and obligations;
  • are comprehensive – to protect your rental returns; and
  • give you the rights you need to enforce the Lease if your tenant is in breach.

We prepare Leases quickly so you can secure your new tenant asap.

And we’ll even prepare your disclosure documents – so you meet your Retail Shop Lease Act obligations.

We can also take care of your lease extension, variation and assignment documents to keep your leases on foot and the rent coming in.

We’re happy to take instructions from your managing agent and deal directly with your tenants.
And we’ll be there for you throughout the lease term – helping you manage any lease issues that come up.


For a Retail Shop Lease our fees start at $1,300.00 plus GST (including a Lessor Disclosure Statement).

Here’s what you need to do

You can give us a call on (07) 3849 3066, or email your letter of offer or instructions. We’ll prepare a draft for your review and will get the documents out to your tenant quickly.


If you’re looking at leasing a new premises you need solid and easy to understand advice.

We can:

  • review and change any offer to lease before you sign – to make sure your lease starts off on the right foot;
  • review the draft lease and meet with you to explain your obligations in a way you can easily understand;
  • show you all the costs you’ll have to pay over the term of the lease – to protect you from any surprises down the line;   
  • highlight any clauses that are risky or unfair – and we’ll help you get changes to the lease so it works better for you;
  • prepare your disclosure forms – so you meet your Retail Shop Lease Act obligations.

We can also review any extension or variation documents.


All leases are different – our fees for reviewing and negotiating a lease for you start at $1,200.00 plus GST.

Here’s what you need to do

You can give us a call on (07) 3849 3066, or email the letter of offer or draft lease to us, and we’ll make sure the documents are right for you before you sign.